Enthusiastic, charming and deeply emotionally engaged is the best way to describe Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen. They are also known for an outstanding communication with their audiences!

The quartet’s instrumentation, crafted around the masterpiece “Quartour pour la fin du temps” gives a range of unique possibilities and combinations, enabling them to break down and remould traditional genres and masterpieces, which the quartet take advantage of with their creative programming.

The Messiaen Quartet is constantly challenging and developing its’ musicality by commissioning many new works from leading composers, and as a result their concerts and premieres are regularly transmitted live on the radio. They have delighted many audiences by performing arrangements of larger orchestral works (Debussy’s ‘l’apres midi d’un faun’ and Wagner’s ‘Isolde Liebestod’ to name a few) where the symphonic sound and depth is ingeniously and naturally blended with intimate chamber music, which comes so naturally to the quartet.

MQC is the driving force in Østerbro Music Society, Copenhagen, a hive of activity where new ideas are developed and intimacy between the musicians and the audience is prioritised. The quartet is regularly invited to perform on tours in Europe and Asia.

The ensemble is from 2024 artistic directors of the Båstad International Chambermusic Festival

"The playing on this disc is superb, from the first to the last note."

- John France, MusicWebInternational